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Terms and Conditions

DSTO is the parent company and therefore the below terms and conditions apply to Training in Security customers also.

Terms and Conditions

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions any reference to “D.S.T.O” shall be deemed to mean Door Supervisor Training Organisation Limited.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all work carried out in the provision of training by D.S.T.O to any bookings made by the delegate or authorised by a representative of the delegate. No additions or modifications to these Terms and Conditions shall have effect unless expressly agreed in writing by both parties.

The terms and conditions set out herein are a complete statement of the agreement between the parties.

Course Booking

Bookings are accepted at any time up to the course start date, subject to availability. All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate. D.S.T.O reserves the right to refuse admittance to any delegate for whom the course fees have not been paid.

Once a delegate has made a booking for a D.S.T.O. training course, joining instructions will be sent via email or post.

Reservations will not be complete until D.S.T.O. has received full payment for the chosen course


In the unlikely event of extreme circumstances, it may be necessary for D.S.T.O to reschedule a course upon which a booking has been made.  D.S.T.O. reserves the right to re-schedule the commencement date of any course.

D.S.T.O will offer the choice of-accepting alternative arrangements, or cancelling you’re booking and receiving a full refund of all payments made.

D.S.T.O reserves the right to change the course venue in extreme circumstances to a venue within a 5 miles radius of the original location. DSTO does not accept liability for payments made to third parties by or on behalf of a delegate (e.g. in respect of travel, accommodation or subsistence).


Cancellation and Transfer Policy

In cases whereby the delegate will be unfit or unable to attend a booked course, D.S.T.O. will permit one re- booking for a later date to the same course. The delegate must notify D.S.T.O. of their inability to attend the original course prior to its commencement.

If a booking is cancelled or transferred to a different course by the delegate D.S.T.O reserves the right to charge the following fees, these terms also apply to the rebooking of resits. Failure to turn up for a resit will result in the offer of 2 free resits being withdrawn. After the candidate has used the 2 free resits DSTO will charge £20.00 per exam to resit.

Notice Periods

Transfer Fee

Cancellation Fee

More than 15 Days



Between 7 – 15 days

£30 Admin fee


Less than 7 days



Failure to turn up



Failure to bring the correct ID



Failure to turn up for resit or late for exams

£30 Admin fee


No refund will be made for bookings cancelled less than 7 days before the event, except in exceptional circumstances and then only at the discretion of the Training Manager.


Where examination(s) form part of the training course, whether by an internal or external examining authority, no refund fees can be given in the event of a candidate failing to fulfil the stipulated requirements.


Delegate and course suitability

Learners whose first language is not English, the SIA, in consultation with Skills for Security, specifies the following:


“Communication in English is an integral requirement of the SIA competencies. This is made explicit in particular competence statements and in relation to the title of the Part, or Session, which deals with “Communication and Conflict Management”.


Learners also need to demonstrate their competence in English in an applied context in relation to other areas of the specifications and competence needs to be considered holistically, with the aim that the learner should be able to demonstrate these same competencies effectively in the workplace. To not be able to do so could have health and safety implications for the individual, and for others, in the workplace.


For the above reasons, it would not be appropriate for learners for whom English is their second language to be provided with a scribe or reader to assist them in their assessment. To do so would also provide an unfair advantage to such learners.

It is the delegate’s responsibility to ensure that the course is suitable for their requirements. All delegates should have read and understood the course outline and met the necessary pre-requisites if applicable. Delegates who do not meet the pre-requisites may be asked to leave by the training provider. This course is delivered in English and therefore a Level 1 English is required. For candidates for whom English is not there first language you will be required to undertake an English literacy test before booking. If you book the course without considering the above you will lose your course fees if the trainer deems you level of English is not sufficient to be able to meet the SIA standards.

Readers are available on request at the cost of £30 per day for candidates who have a learning disability and are able to prove this.

Delegate Substitution

A delegate may be substituted by another delegate prior to the start of the course without penalty, providing that the replacement delegate is suitable. (See delegate suitability above) and D.S.T.O has been informed prior to course start date.

Course Description and Changes

D.S.T.O. reserves the right to improve the specification and format of its courses for the benefit of its Customers without notice to them.

It is acknowledged that all intellectual property rights, including copyright, patents, design rights and know-how in or relating to the course or course materials provided, or made available in connection with the course, remain the sole property of D.S.T.O. or its licensors and no copies may be made of course materials unless expressly agreed in writing by D.S.T.O.

Punctuality and Absence

Delegates will be advised of the start and finish times in their joining instructions. Delegates are required to arrive and return from breaks on time. D.S.T.O reserves the right to refuse admission to any delegates that fail to attend training on time. If a delegate withdraws from a course once it has started, or fails to attend, the amount of the full course fees remains payable.

All delegates will be required to abide by any site security measures operating at the course location at all times. D.S.T.O reserves the right to refuse admittance to delegates whose behaviour is deemed unacceptable or disruptive to other delegates and the full course fees remains payable.

Warranty and Liability

It is the delegate’s responsibility to verify that the courses are suitable for their requirements of the delegate attending a particular course and that the delegate has the necessary level of competence to be able to achieve the objectives of the course.

D.S.T.O accepts no responsibility for loss or damage. Vehicles parked in venue car parking facilities are done so at the owner’s risk.

Cooling Off Period

D.S.T.O. offers a period of 14 days from the date of booking for delegates to exercise their right to cancel.

Notice of cancellation must be provided in writing and should be posted to, left at, faxed or emailed to D.S.T.O. (see below) no later than 7 working days after the course payment has been made.

Courses which are booked less than 14 days before the commencement date are not subject to a cooling off period.


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