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Conflict arises when 2 or more parties  dont agree on something. All conflict situations need to be handled carefully - therefore you need to have a good method for handling conflict situations. You need a rational approach to conflict management.

Conflict management training is designed to demonstrate and teach correct conflict management principles: it is designed to help you to manage any conflict situation: It provides a reference point to enable you to deal with conflicts in a clear, rational, assertive, and non-aggressive manner. The safety of your staff and the people and the general public are paramount in any situation. The overall objectives for Conflict Management will be the same regardless of  what role or business you are in. We will hold a conference call to discuss your specific type of business and the needs of your staff and customers.


Our day rates start at £500 plus VAT.  Whilst there is no set limit to how many people can attend for that Inclusive price we will need to make sure that the venue is suitable.

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